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About us

We make whimsical one-of-a-kind quilts and blankets that are distinguished by a playful use of fabric and color. These beautiful quilts can be used to provide warmth and comfort or to adorn any room as a decorative wall hanging. Our quilts are fun and bright—sure to bring a smile to everyone!

Our products are not mass produced. I personally make each one as the orders come in from reviewing designs, purchasing fabric, pre-washing all materials and carefully sewing each quilt/blanket. Of course, my husband and son provide a critical eye to all I do.

Our goal is not to make a profit as all of our proceeds go to support children in the community. For every purchase made, we will donate a quilt/blanket to a child need in an effort to brighten their world. I not only want to put a smile on your face, but to bring comfort and happiness to those who need it the most. I hope you also feel passionate about providing comfort to children throughout our community and supporting our goals.

Thank you for visiting our website.